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Outreach at St. Matthew's

As Christians we receive God’s gifts everyday and share the responsibility of imparting those gifts, extending ourselves and reaching out to the world, especially to those in need. St. Matthew’s is devoted to its Outreach program, such that through good works we may discover the mutual and extraordinary benefits of this vital ministry. “Just as God’s love is free, our gifts are, too. Freely you have received, freely give.”

Outreach Agency of the Month: We are pleased to introduce one of the many social service agencies served by the St. Matthew's community that will be the recipient of donated goods (e.g. food, clothing) through the Edwards Chest, a large wooden chest located in the Narthex (entryway) of our church. Each month a different agency is served and the Sunday bulletin will announce the most needed items each week.

Please use this list as a helpful reminder of the charities supported through St. Matthew's Edward Chest. These social service organization appreciate your in-kind donations that help to stretch their operating budgets.  Check the weekly parish bulletin for suggested items to donate. Thank you for providing them with food and usable goods.

January:    Pivot House
February:   Norwalk Emergency Shelter/Manna House Hospitality
March:       Homes for Hope (formerly Interfaith Housing)
April:         Wilton Social Services
May:          George Washington Carver Community Center
June:         Christian Community Action (CCA)
July:          Domestic Violence Crisis Center
August:       Elder House
September: Mercy Learning Center
October:     Family Re-Entry
November: Wilton Social Services
December: Nursing Home Care; Children's Connection; Giving Tree Christmas Gifts